Shaween Royee

Loan Officer

Shaween Royee
NMLS #1486523
Phone: 925-594-0939

Shaween began her career in finance by working for a Financial Firm, Cornerstone Financial Partners LLC; in San Jose, California. While at Cornerstone, she developed a love for understanding the economy and the effects of geo-politics; while she began to learn the fundamentals of Financial Planning, Investments, Short Term and Long Term Savings, Insurance and the Markets. After about 18 months, because of her work ethic and strength of character, her senior advisors offered her the opportunity to become their in-house specialist for mortgages.

In June 2016, just a month after Shaween had gotten her Mortgage License, Brexit happened. Suddenly, the stock markets collapsed, and the capital which was once in stocks- flew to the bond market. The interest rates on mortgages dropped to historical lows- and she quickly became engulfed in clientele and became an expert at Refinance Transactions. After the refinance boom of 2016, the mortgage market became a purchase market. Shaween positioned herself for this by moving to another lender, Movement Mortgage; because this company was designed to handle purchases expeditiously. However, she soon discovered that Movement had some of the highest rates.

After some contemplation, Shaween made the decision to move to a company which had better rates. After a long search, Shaween found Cal Coast Financial; and the decision was easy.

She is very excited to work for Cal Coast Financial, not only because of the exceptionally low and competitive rates, or the combined 30+ years of expertise of her management team; but also, because she can now offer loan products from over 80 different lenders; including most major banks, and niche lenders.

• Refinance
• High Balance Conforming
• VA
• Stated Income
• Reverse Mortgages
• Condos in Litigation

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